Bullet Journaling – February 2018

Hello Friends,

It is now March so I am here to share my bullet journal spreads from February and what I liked/disliked and will continue to modify.

Title Page. I got creative with the design and Valentine’s self- love theme. I regret putting a box around the calendar but overall was happy with the way this turned out
Similar event/monthly overview spread as January. Will use again
This month I used the same style habit tracker, but changed up my mood tracker and used hearts that I coloured in. I also followed @caitlinmariedasilva ‘s self love challenge to write one thing you love about yourself each day, truthfully I kinda stopped using the self love page after Valentine’s was over but 2 weeks isn’t too bad… I did love the garlands I drew here
Budget page, I ran out of room half way through January so splitting my budget/spending into categories both helped me to see where my money was going, but also left me with more space. My categories are income, savings, groceries/food, spending/shopping/misc and transportation/Auto
First weekly, I was seeking advice from instagram for what to include in the space at the bottom. I went with a post-it note for shopping list, a study log which has yet to prove useful, a box for next week, and two tracker stickers for workouts and hydration, also not used to full potential. I like the longer to-do list space for weeks that I need that and I like having a space to write work/events/appointments
I love this large daily box spread a lot. The space for course break down of homework or due dates was helpful and better for me than a study log space. 10/10 would recreate this spread. It was initially inspired by Caitlin Marie DaSilva (@caitlinmariedasilva / Caitlin’s Corner on YT)
I had fun with this week’s spread as it was reading week, I was spending half of it at my boyfriend’s home a few hours away so I both had a fun things list and a homework to-do list. I also had fun with the weather spread and my packing list was useful but probably unnecessary for future long weekends away.

This month I used an array of pink Crayola Supertips markers and my Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens (M, S, F)($12 CAD Indigo stores). Bullet Journal from Michael’s ($9 CAD). This month I felt more comfortable with the weekly spreads though I haven’t quite narrowed down a consistent style. It’s about learning and growing as you go right? The point is that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and flexing those creative areas of the brain. It’s also a stress relief to sit down Sunday and plan my week – both for piece of mind that I know what I have to do and get it down on paper but also just for some quiet time.

Are you a planner or do you use a bullet journal? Let me know in the comments!
And don’t forget to follow me on instagram o find out what I’m drinking and doodling @teawithkayla


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