Chai Them All Series

I have set out to taste test and review as many chai tea blends as possible. I especially love the cozy nature of a warm chai tea, with the spices, and earthy black tea, sweetness like honey and variations on this traditional tea.

Rules for consistency:

Regular way to make tea with hot water

  • 1.5 DAVIDsTEA Perfect Spoons per nordic/16 oz mug (grande or Medium at Sbux), 1 DTPS for a 12 oz mug
  • 90º water boil in Kettle
  • Steep 7 minutes
  • 1 Teavana perfect spoon (1tsp) brown sugar for sweetener
  • 1 splash of 2% milk

Traditional stove top chai

  • 2 DTPS of Chai tea
  • 1.5 cups Soy milk or 2% Milk (will aim for consistently one of these or will note which)
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • time tbd

I would like to thank all the lovely Tea-ple of the DAVIDsTEA Fans who sent me or traded samples of chai tea so that I can post this series. All other tea were purchased by me unless noted.ChaiCheck out the Series tab for all the posts to this series in one place.All opinions are my own.





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