Tea and Yoga

Good Day Steepers!

Yoga is a huge part of self-care, and finding inner peace, calm, and balance. It is also a way to connect with your own mind, body, soul and show gratitude. I love to use yoga to calm myself when I am stressed, to push my body and extend my limits and to generally connect. It helps me sleep better, wake up more energized, release tension in my neck and shoulders when I’m stressed and allows me to focus on my breathing among all the other amazing benefits of regular practice.

As you know tea is a big part of my life so here’s my favourite yoga lifestyle and tea pairings. Let’s start with the bottle. These Libre Tea Glasses are great for on the go! They have a borosilicate glass interior, and a tough poly exterior to protect the flavour-free, easy to clean glass.  Shop here: http://shop2usd.libretea.com?aff=25


Yogi Berry – DAVIDsTEA

This oolong tea is blended with dried raspberries and strawberries as well as ginger and kombucha powder. Its a sweet, zingy punch with a boost of healthiness. I like to drink it cold steeped to cool off or to warm up for some good stretching. Yoga pants optional. Pick this one up soon because it’s on its way to being retired from the tea wall.

“It’s not always easy to make healthy choices. Not when there are so many delicious things just waiting to be tasted. But with this fruity, berry-packed oolong, we’ve created the impossible: a wholesome tea that also happens to taste amazing. First we took big pieces of strawberries, raspberries and currants – a.k.a. the original Super Fruits. Then we added a spicy-soothing hint of ginger root. Finally, we laced it with kombucha powder, a trendy ingredient that in-the-know yogis have been sipping since the ‘60s. Groovy, man.”

Ingredients: Oolong tea, ginger, sweet blackberry leaves, strawberry, safflower petals, raspberry, red currants, red rose petals, kombucha dry concentrate (maltodextrin, cane sugar, water, herb mixture, green tea, kombucha culture), natural red fruit and ginger flavour

Hot Yoga – Steeped Tea

This tea is so yummy, warming and invigorating. I thought it was going to be too spicy for my liking but it’s a great balance of warm ginger and cardamom without being too peppery. Drink this to get the blood pumping before a class or to warm up on an icy winter day. Many of the ingredients are also beneficial for anti inflammatory purposed and may help your body find balance.

“A spicy blend of hawthorn leaves, ginger, and cardamom.”
Ingredients: Cinnamon, cardamom, hawthorn leaves and flowers, ginger bits, cloves, black peppercorns, safflowers and blue mallow flowers.

Buddha’s Blend – DAVIDsTEA

This is one of my favourite lightly flavoured green teas that just makes me want to smile upon the earth! Sounds crazy but the smell alone is so relaxing and then the flavours are amazingly light, almost fruity, and smooth.

“We don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty sure we just found the key to achieving nirvana. It’s easier than you might think – you’re actually just a cup away. You start with a fresh, delicate mix of white and green tea. Then you sprinkle in a few jasmine pearls for their sweet, floral perfume. Next, you add the unexpected fruity aroma of some beautiful white hibiscus blossoms. Finally? You sit back, relax and take a sip. Heavenly…” Ingredients: White tea, green tea, jasmine pearls, white hibiscus blossoms, natural and artificial flavouring

Honourable mentions:

Monk’s Blend

“This deliciously delicate blend is inspired by the tea traditions of monks in rural China. The story goes that these monks had to beg for their tea each morning, receiving small gifts of whatever people had on hand. This resulted in an unusual medley of many different tea types – from delicate white teas to rich oolongs and everything in between. The result? An intriguing melange of flavours, known as a “monk’s blend.” And with floral jasmine pearls and velvety milk oolong, this luxurious blend is inspired by those classic mixes. Delicately perfumed and lightly creamy, it’s pure heaven in a cup.”

Ingredients: White tea, milk oolong tea, jasmine green tea pearls, natural milk flavouring (derived from lactose).

Let me know what teas you like to pair with your yoga practice.



Disclaimer: I may receive a portion of sales from Libre Tea if you use my affiliate link. All opinions are my own.

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