Order Going In!

Hey Steepers,

I’m going to be placing an order with Steeped Tea, I will be ordering the new matcha shaker and some other teas! Plus some customer orders. If you would like to get in on the matcha shaker deal this month or place an order to stock up on delicious fall teas and hot chocolate contact me! square1

How to order: (its easy I promise!)

  1. Browse the catalog here: http://www.steepedtea.com/catalogs/
  2. Email: teawithkayla@gmail.com with your selections and any questions
  3. I will input your order and send you a screenshot so you know the complete total with tax and shipping.
  4. Choose your method of payment (Credit, Paypal, or E-transfer)
  5. Check your mailbox  because you order will be on its way! (typically 4-10 business days)


Want to get some matcha for your new matcha shaker? Check out my review of 8 flavours here: Matcha Mania! Steeped Tea Matcha Review

Chocolate Date Night(25g) is free with every order of $50 or greater!

(Sorry I no longer pay for my website so online shopping is not available, you can however send me what you would like to order via email, text or phone,  I input it, Send you screen shots of the order then you can choose how to pay. This way I offer E transfer and Paypal as well as credit. Your order will still be shipped to you directly, Canada Only.)

Placing an order On Saturday August 20!

Thanks for keeping up to date with me! Happy Steeping



p.s. I will accept orders anytime



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