What’s in my bag? Hiking Essentials

Hey friends,

Here’s a little post about what I take with me on a day hike.  This is the very basics and you can adjust to your needs. I like to keep it simple and waste free.  On hikes I live by the mantra: take only pictures,  leave only footprints,  especially in natural preservation conservation areas this is extremely important.

Small backpack 

I like small day packs from outdoor equipment stores but those can get pricey so use whatever you have around or check out this diy video I used to make my backpack: 

Some features to look for in a daypack are easy access water bottle pocket on the sides or a hydration pack, ergonomic straps, a sternum or waist strap is also great for added back support and weight distribution, lightweight, water resistant fabric, an easy access pocket for keys and phone- you never know when you’ll need to snap a pic of a deer or rare bird. Check these out

Water bottle

A reusable water bottle is probably one of the best waste free items you can invest in, and they are pretty affordable.  I really like ones that have a handle that you  can clip to your bag or carry easily over something like a Swell bottle that doesn’t have a hook.  My bottle is glass with silicone but those can be a bit heavier so stainless steel or triton bottles  are a lighter, less expensive option.

My Bottle: http://shopcupanion.ca/collections/cold-drink-cupanion-1/products/quirky-cupanion-vibrant-green 

Other options:


I also brought some iced tea with me in my carry mug from David’s tea.  I really love the carry mugs because they are high quality extremely functional and versatile in use.  Plus the bright colours are a fun bonus https://www.davidstea.com/ca_en/seafoam-carry-travel-mug


I like to bring a granola bar or protein bar. Some other great snacks would be protein/energy balls, trail mix, an apple, or a full lunch with a sandwich and veggie and hummus. Everything in waste-free, reusable containers of course.

Lara Bars or Cliff Bars are a great filling snack made with natural organic ingredients. Homemade ones in waste-free containers are even better.


Depending on how long you’ll be out you should also consider bringing the following items


  • Battery pack/ portable phone charger for emergency use or if you end up taking a bunch of pictures. Mine is from here: Insignia 5200mAH Power BankInsignia 5200mAH Power Bank
  • Mini first aid kit or bandaids and hand sanitizer, you never know when you’ll get a blister or scrape your knee
  • Rain Jacket, poncho or sweater. The weather can change on a dime without warning. I use this compact Rain shell that fits in a little pouch and keep it in my car. Buy Here: Torrent Womens Waterproof Jacket Purple

Sun Protection

That last essential thing to bring with you on a hike is sun protection! I use the Badger Kids sunscreen (it smells like orange creamsicles!) and is 98% organic, biodegradable and not tested on animals! Buy natural sunscreens here: Vitacost Cruelty Free Sunscreen A hat and sunglasses are also a good idea.

Tangerine Vanilla Sunscreen 

Thank you so much for reading. Here are some pictures from my hike! I hope you’ve been inspired to get out and enjoy nature and see what beautiful  places your city has to offer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Hiking Outfit

Shorts- Fabletics Tyson Short, Shoes- Reebok, Chillin With My Omies Tank- Exo Apparel Store

Thanks for reading! As always send me your suggestions in the comments as your feedback and requests are greatly appreciated. Have a great day and take a moment to breathe and connect with nature, I find it is my favourite kind of self care!




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