May Steeped Tea Haul


Here is what I bought from Steeped Tea this month

Haul Video

The May Special

  • Two Splash Tins or Two Stacking Tins
  • Fruit Punch Matcha 25g
  • Mocha Matcha 25g
  • MaySpecials_p2_jpg (1)

Gift of the Grill

  • Jamrockin’ Dry Rub
  • Smoky Tea-Aki Rub
  • MinTea Mediterranean Vinaigrette Mix
  • Spinach Dip Seasoning
  • Mr. Tea Apron
  • CCCOM_01140_giftofthegrill_poster

Meet Your Matcha Bundle

  • peppermint matcha
  • pineapple punch matcha
  • Vanilla matcha
  • Lemonatcha
  • Sweet Strawberry matcha
  • Matcha

Earl Grey De La Creme 100g

May Free Tea: Strawberry Fields 25g

Contact me to order anything mentioned above via email

Check out my review post of all the matchas here: Matcha Mania! Steeped Tea Matcha Review




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