Matcha Mania! Steeped Tea Matcha Review

Hey Steepers!

So today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on all of the different flavours of matcha that Steeped Tea has to offer! They have six flavours as well as regular matcha and ceremonial matcha, and two special flavours in the May Customer Special listed below. The only two I have not tried are the Melon Ball Matcha and Ceremonial matcha as they are not included in the meet your matcha bundle but are available in 100g and 200g tins as are all the other flavours. Here are my thoughts:

Splash of Matcha Surprise

May Customer Special: Β Includes 25g each Fruit Punch Matcha, Mocha Matcha, and 2 splash or stackable tea tins (see my haul video here:

MaySpecials_p2_jpg (1)

Fruit Punch Matcha

Ingredients: green tea, banana pieces, natural flavour

This matcha initially tasted like banana but a few more sips and it really tasted like that fruit punch we had as kids. I can’t wait to mix this with homemade lemonade or fruit tea, or enjoy it iced!


Mocha Matcha

Ingredients: green tea, natural coffee flavouring

This matcha is lovely, creamy and tastes like a cappuccino. Definitely give it a try if you’re trying to cut back on your daily cup of joe. Also, I am not a fan of coffee at all, I may have one cup every few months and I love this matcha!


Meet your Matcha Bundle

6 bags of Matcha In most of our flavours (25g Each)


Peppermint Matcha

Ingredients: green tea, peppermint, natural flavours

Peppermint matcha tastes like Christmas to me! or at least a candy cane! It’s true to the peppermint flavour, very refreshing and would make a lovely latte, or…Mojito!


Sweet Strawberry Matcha

Ingredients: green tea, strawberries, natural flavour

This is delicious! There’s real pieces of strawberries and it’s a nice light flavour


Pineapple Punch Matcha

Ingredients: green tea

Amazing pineapple flavour! Try this in some hawaiian inspired foods or drinks. Delicious on it’s own too.





Ingredients: Green Tea

The classic matcha that goes great on its own, as a latte, frappuccino, in smoothies or overnight oats/chia cereal!


Vanilla Matcha

Ingredients: green tea, vanilla bean, natural flavour

Amazing as a latte, on its own its nice and smooth, I would even add cinnamon for a little added treat!


I hope you enjoyed my mini reviews of the matcha flavours steeped tea has to offer! stay tuned for a giveaway on my instagram page When I hit 2000 Followers! @teawithkayla

Here is my haul post:Β May Steeped Tea Haul

To order Your own #MeetYourMatcha Bundle or any other Steeped Teas, Contact me by email

Thanks for reading!




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