Tea of The Day: Me to We!

Hey Steepers!

I am super excited to Share the new (like 2 weeks ago) tea from DAVIDsTEA called Me to We! Ever 50g of this tea give 1 month of clean water to someone in need! DT is also selling a clear Tritan carry mug with the Me to We design as well as the Rafiki chain and 50g tins of this tea. I opted to go with the free coloured tin deal with a 100g loose leaf tea purchase that’s going until Feb 29 and gt the oolong blue tin.


This tea smells AMAZING! it is sweet, fruity and I literally just want to eat the actual tea like trail mix! I am brewing it hot at the moment and will try a cup of that and also ice the remainder of the tea to have chilled. I will likely be restocking this tea all summer!

Who my purchase helps:




Thanks for reading! I hope you decide to give this tea a try and help a child or family in Kenya access clean water!




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