Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas

Hey Steepers,

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday (“What! OMG I need to get my love/mom/bestie/dog something to show how much I love them!”) If this is you I have some sweet ideas you can whip up last minute, and super last minute.

Problem: Forgot to make a Dinner Reservation

Last Minute Solution:

Good luck finding a restaurant that isn’t already booked. You might be able to find an opening for a different day like saturday instead, or try making a plan to go for a nice brunch or lunch instead. I mean, who doesn’t love breakfast food! My personal favourite idea is to make that someone special something at home, from scratch with love. Or if you’re like me last year, we went to Wendy’s for a quick burger and just watched movies at home. Try getting in the kitchen together to create something new, add a little spice, teamwork is always a turn on. πŸ˜‰

Check out these Sites for romantic (but practical/easy) recipes


Problem: I’m Broke

Last Minute Solution:11781725_10152965218012019_6213727835722197604_n

I definitely understand not being able to shell out a ton of money for diamonds or a luxurious dinner and date and gift. Students will especially appreciate this but so will anyone low on cash after the holidays. Β Another option is to have a Coffee/Tea date at a little local cafe. It’s a nice way to connect and relax without the hassle of finding a restaurant and is a whole lot cheaper. Starbucks still too much? Make your own hot Cocoa, coffee or tea and bring a thermos, go to the library or on a walk find a nice bench in a park or take it with you skating. Doing something active with someone you love is a great way to stay healthy and have fun. Skating is also free at a lot of outdoor rinks near city hall or town squares and in Canada Tim Horton’s has a list of arenas in your city that have a sponsored free skate time.

I suggest making a warm spicy chai tea, make it a latte to impressΒ your Valentine so here’s My Valentine’s Tea Suggestions


Here’s some downloadable Valentine’s Cards:Β


Thanks for reading Everyone and I hope that was a little bit helpful!




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