Quick update

Hey tea friends, Steepers as I address you usually
A few days ago was the one year anniversary of my blog!
Woo that means I decided to create an outlet for my love of tea, and my instagram account @teawithkayla that has already reached over 1400 followers a year ago!
My last post which was a review and haul from the Toronto tea festival was also my 50th post! I could probably have been at 100 posts if I had not neglected the blog a few months at a time but 50 posts I. A year is pretty good and I’m going to aim for another 50 by the end of this year, hopefully more!
Thank you everyone for all of your support and for reading about my passion! I will do better to post regularly and balance school, work, and personal time to show my dedication to all who read.

Again a huge thanks to you all and stay tuned for my upcoming posts on yoga and tea pairings and a giveaway when my instagram reaches 1500!  Also stay tuned for my review of the new catalog teas released on February 1st!
Spring Summer 2016 Catalog

Check out my instagram: http://instagram.com/teawithkayla
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/steepedteawithkaylabeisel/



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