24 Days of Tea- Days 1-6

Good afternoon Steepers!

As many of you may know David’s Tea comes out with an Advent calendar every year that is quite amazing! This year I decided to make my own with the help of my partner and forego the $40 price tag on the David’s Tea one. Now I have 2 advent calendars, my DIY one and a DT one from my mom, she surprised me with it. For the rest of the Month I will document what teas are a part of the #24daysoftea on a weekly blog post. This is going up on Dec 3/Day 3 but I will update every few days what teas I had and some of the sweet notes and chocolates in my DIY calendar. My partner and I filled each others with chocolates and little notes and he wrote the names of different teas on mine for me to have each day (instead of dishing them out into little bags it was more waste-free to just write which tea and I can grab it out of my collection to make in whatever mug I am using.)

Day 1

DIY: DT Eggnog

  • This is a green rooibos with cinnamon and nutmeg and little white chocolate chips for creaminess (2014 Winter collection)

DT: Sleigh Ride

  • This tea has apple, hibiscus, cinnamon, almonds and popped rice for a nutty, fruity, tangy and warm flavour. good both hot and cold.



Day 2

DIY: DT Gingerbread Cookie

  • This spiced rooibos/mate tea is literally as delicious as the real thing

DT: Mango Madness

  • This white tea is a nice fruity change and one I’ve never tried from DT. Its light and goes great as an iced tea.


Day 3

DIY: Steeped Tea Sugar Plums and Cinnamon

  • This light green tea is well balanced and flavoured with cinnamon and fruity pieces of plum

DT: Orange Pekoe

  • The classic black tea my mother drinks daily taken up a notch to real tea leaves (not tea dust found in Tetley bags). Its a high quality OP.


Day 4

DIY: Steeped Tea White Chocolate Souffle

  • this rooibos is sweet and creamy like a perfect white chocolate latte

DT: Sweet Almond Green

  • like amaretto and green tea in perfect harmonious company. I was glad to try this one but its not really my cup of tea.

Day 5

DIY: DT Snow Day

  • chocolate, mint, its perfection and a million times better than the Cocomint cream tea-asco that was last year (and many stores still have this one kicking around this year)

DT: Banana Nut Bread

  • fruity and nutty and totally edible. I didn’t make this tea properly so will have to give it another go in store sometime. I’m also generally not a fan of banana anyways.

Day 6

DIY: DT Strawberry rhubarb parfait

  • This tea is a classic free sample from online orders. Its a really good iced or cold steeped tea. It hits the spot!

DT: Glitter and Gold

  • Sparkles, black tea, cloves; this tea is a perfect light spice and it literally can do no wrong. Plus the new reformulation is vegan and the sprinkles are shaped like stars!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the rest of the advent calendar updates every week. You can also keep up to date with me on instagram : http://instagram.com/teawithkaylaΒ  or use the #teawithkayla

My steeped tea shop here: http://mysteepedtea.com/teawithkayla




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