Steeped Tea Black Friday Sales

Hello Steepers!

As a Canadian, Black Friday is not really a big deal here, or at least it wasn’t up until a few years ago. Now all the stores have black Friday sales (or say they do but literally only have 3 things on sale, I’m looking at you H&M!) so I don’t typically buy into the whole consumerist culture that we are around Christmas, however I do love a good deal so I did pop by the mall after class, before I have to go to another class and then to work at the mall in the madness. I didn’t find anything that was of a good enough deal for me to be compelled to buy except at the body shop where I got skin care products for 3 for $33 and saved $25! I took along my fave earl grey tea and faced the morning.

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all the US Steepers!

Now what I am actually here to post about is what Steeped Tea is offering for Black Friday.

You can shopย here:ยย 


Why I am sharing the deals with you is because I believe tea is more than just a gift or item to purchase; tea is something you make as part of your self care routine, its something to warm you up, cool you down, calm you. Tea is something to share with friends, to share with loved ones, to share with yourself.

Tea is a great way to show someone you care, that you appreciate them and everything they do.

We also have so great customer specials going on this month if you want to add anything awesome to your order.

Note: I can offer online facebook or catalog parties but not in person unless you live near me.


Steeped Tea is also a supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the proceeds from these tea purchases go to the JRDF


Thanks for reading and checking out the specials going on for the rest of the month. If you would like to order for Christmas your orders must be submitted by Dec 14th!

Shop here:


Thanks for reading




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