Steeped Tea New Fall Catalogue!

Hello Steepers!

So as a consultant I just had to buy the Fall Kit that was available to us because, as you will soon learn, I LOVE everything about the autumnal season! So in the kit There was 6 teas, a cheeseball/dip mix and a baking mix to make scones.


Chocolate Pumpkin Chai

“It’s like pumpkin pie with a chocolate twist. You’ll find it hard to resist.” I was most excited to try this one because I love Pumpkin Chai from David’s Tea. and this one does not disappoint. It’s not too spicy, not too chocolatey, just the right kind of warming black tea to take with you to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect jack’o’lantern. Tis the Season!

Type: Black Tea
Flavour notes: cocoa, cardamom, pumpkin spice, chai, 
Fixings: brown sugar/sweetener of choice and milk or cream. Good as a latte!
You’ll like this If you like: DT Pumpkin Chai, Pure Chai or Pumpkin Patch
Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, apple, cocoa bean, rosehip, orange pieces, almonds, rose blossom leaves, strawberry slices, ginger, cardamom, spices, hibiscus, calendula, sunflower petals, pumpkin natural flavor, natural flavors. Contains nuts.

Purchase Chocolate Pumpkin Chai here:

Sugar Plums and Cinnamon

“The sugar plum fairies agree that this is a perfect green tea.” This is a nice sweet and smooth green tea with a little spice to change up your green routine.

Type: Flavoured Green Tea
Flavour notes: plum, berry, cinnamon
straight, or with sweetener, honey
You’ll like this If you like:
mild green teas, 
 Green tea, plum pieces (plums, rice flour), cassia bark, apple pieces, rooibos, cinnamon pieces, mallow blossoms, cornflower blossoms, natural flavor

Purchase Sugar Plums and Cinnamon here:

Strawberries and Cream (organic)

“No surprises here! This blend is just like a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream.” I would say its a mild strawberry flavour but is still quite nice. 

Type: Flavoured Rooibos
Flavour notes: strawberry, earthy 
Fixings: straight or with cream and little sweetener
You’ll like this If you like: DT Curant affair, Creme Caramel rooibos, ST Creme Carmello
Ingredients: Rooibos tea, blackberry leaves, natural strawberry flavor, natural flavor. Organic certified ingredients

Purchase Strawberries and cream here:

Caramel Rooibos Latte

“Soothing flavors of buttery caramel, vanilla, and aromatic fenugreek.” This is a really tasty and sweet caffeine free treat, I would enjoy curled up with some candles burning while sipping this tea as a latte. 

Type: Rooibos Latte mix
Flavour notes: creamy, caramel, vanilla
Fixings: milk and sweetener as desired. very tasty as a latte with frothed milk, cream or a “mylk” alternative. 
You’ll like this If you like: Starbucks Caramel macchiato, and other lattes
Ingredients: Rooibos, fenugreek, vanilla bean, natural flavor.


Purchase Caramel Rooibos Latte Mix tea here:

Chocolate Date Night

“For the first date or the 30th, this blend of cocoa, dates and ginger will surely impress!” This lovely caffeine free dessert tea with certainly curb that craving for chocolate! 

Type: Herbal/fruit
Flavour notes: caramel, vanilla, chocolate, sweetness (from dates), hazelnut
Fixings: actually very delicious and sweet enough on its own. You could add milk or cream for a latte too!
You’ll like this If you like: Teavana salted caramel, pumpkin spice brulee
Ingredients: Date cubes (date, rice flour), cocoa bean pieces, golden sultanas (sultanas, sunflower oil), brittle (hazelnut), roasted buckwheat, ginger cubes (ginger, citric acid), licorice root, sunflower blossoms, natural flavor. Contains nuts.


Purchase Chocolate Date Night here:

White Chocolate Souffle

“White chocolate, hazelnut, and a hint of mint. Perfectly light and sweet.” This tea is also a great dessert tea to curb those sweet cravings and tastes deliciously like chocolate mousse.

Type: rooibos
Flavour notes:
Chocolate, cream, vanilla, nutty
Fixings:  straight or with cream and sugar, latte acceptable tea as well!
You’ll like this If you like:
 any of the above teas! or if your a fan of DT Eggnog or Teavana white chocolate peppermint
Rooibos tea, white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, soya lecithin, vanilla extract), cacao bean, hazelnut pieces, calendula petals, natural flavors. Contains milk, nuts and soy.


Purchase White Chocolate Souffle here:

The new baking mixes are Pumpkin Spice scone mix available here and Pumpkin Cheesecake dip mix available here.

Check out other pumpkin products and some of the new tea wares such as the new clearly navy(glass!)  and smokin’ lime pop top tumblers, the new Breazy brewer (gravity steeper), and the stacking tins now available in purple reign colour scheme (purple and gold)!

You can find all this and more in the catalogue here:

Thanks for reading and happy sipping!




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