I’m a Steeped Tea Consultant!

Good Morning Steepers!

So last night I joined Steeped Tea Inc. as an independent consultant! This means I will be selling tea and hosting tea parties! I will update you on here about the process, my experience, deals and new products too! I will post my tea catalogue and purchasing info soon for you to access! Here: teawithkayla


Not to worry, I will still blog about Davids Tea and other small tea places! I love all tea and hope to show you all the wonderful kinds! Β Stay tuned for a tea haul and tea of the month post soon! get frequent updates from my Instagram @teawithkayla

May 13:
I got my starter kit! The link to my site page to make an order and browse the catalogue here: http://mysteepedtea.com/teawithkayla

Put the kettle on,

xo Kayla


5 thoughts on “I’m a Steeped Tea Consultant!

  1. Question! I live all the way in Alaska and would love to bring Steeped Tea up here. Currently there are no consultants up here and would be ecstatic to be the first one. How do I sign up under someone if there is no one else in my state? Would I be able to become a consultant by signing up under someone in a different state?


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