A Week in Tea Day 3: Wednesday April 22

Happy Earth Day steepers!
I hope you made some sustainable earth conscious choices today! It’s the little things that count like recycling, composting, using a reusable container or travel mug, not idling your car, picking up litter etc… I think making a habit of reusable containers is a big one especially for reducing litter! I mean how many coffee cups or plastic water bottles do you see after the snow melts or at the side of the road! Make the switch and it will save you money! I know most coffee shops give you a little discount for using a travel mug, Tim Hortons you can save ten to twenty cents, Davids tea you save 10 cents off any hot or iced tea, Starbucks offers a discount and my university charges you the price of a small beverage no matter the size of your mug! I have a stainless steel water bottle that I use daily, for the last 6 years or so it’s been kicking, and my Teavana Care travel mug for tea is a staple in my life. Also lunch containers are super helpful and waste free!

Admittedly today has not been a very interesting one in terms of tea…

9:00 am
-I worked an 8 hour shift so I only had an earl grey for my comute/morning

11:00 am
-water all day

10:00 pm
-hot cocoa and catching up on Big Brother Canada and Remedy (Global channel)

Check up with corefit and 30 Days of Yoga!
So I didn’t do day 2 yesterday because I was still sore from corefit on Monday!  my hamstrings are tighter than they’ve ever been, so I too some magnesium this morning but they are still really sore. I did day 2 this morning which was a good stretch video.  I had time to do it early because I woke up an hour earlier than intended and had 2 and a half hours before I needed to catch the bus to work… I didn’t make it to corefit tonight because I worked close. Hopefully my schedule at work balances out once I get back settled in and I can make more time for corefit. I’m also okay with being a day behind in yoga because I will do two in one someday or just be consistent from here on.

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be more interesting!

Xo Kayla

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