A Week in Tea Day 2: Tuesday Apr. 21

Good afternoon steepers!

I am off work today again so I’ve just been doing chores and researching how to make a compost bin for our backyard. If you have any tips for how to make a small-medium sized compost or where to buy one I would greatly appreciate and welcome your suggestions!

10:00 am
-Big Nordic Mug (16 oz/473 ml) of earl grey tea with milk while having a bath full of diy vanilla bath milk and lavender bath salts for my extremely sore muscles today from corefit class last night.
-Davids Tea cold cup full of water
I also started a pot of homemade chicken bone broth from a leftover chicken carcass carrots and celery. cooking it low and slow until probably 6 or 7 tonight. They suggest 24 hours in a slow cooker/crock pot but I only had 1 carcass not 3, the collagen seems to be breaking down pretty well into gelatin and the fat from the skin is melting well.

1:00 pm -DavidsTea Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea in my Nordic Mug Β  -water with lemon and lime image

3:00 pm -Japanese Sencha mixed with Steeped Tea Lemon Chiffon Green tea in nordic mug wpid-2015-04-21-04.22.10-1.jpg.jpeg

Also a Big thank you to my brother from anther mother (literally, step-brother) for helping me make a compost bin out of a rubbermaid bin we had full of dirt. I will do a post about this sometime.

Put the kettle on,

xo Kayla

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