TOTD: Canadian True Icewine Tea

Good morning Steepers!

Today I am going to review the Canadian True Icewine Tea the my brother picked up when he went to the Greenpeace protest in Quebec City. He said this tea was all over the place so it must be a souvenir type of thing they want people to try. It comes in an adorable little wooden box and smells divine!

It is described as “A delightful blend of pure premium Ceylon tea with the superb flavour of pure Canadian Icewine.” Β  It tastes like black tea, sort of like orange pekoe with a fresh grape wine or champagne undertone. this might actually make a delicious classic iced tea too! its a rich auburn brown colour just like orange pekoe but has little blue cornflower petals in the mix with the loose tea leaves giving it a creamier flavour than the astringent orange pekoe. If you travel to Quebec or a Canadian souvenir shop pick up this little box of tea and give it a try!

Type: Black Ceylon Tea
Flavour notes: Grapes, wine, champagne, black tea reminiscent of orange pekoe
Fixings: clear, sweetener or milk if you like
You’ll like this If you like: orange pekoe, ceylon, mild chai teas
Ingredients: Ceylon tea

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Put the kettle on,

xo Kayla


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