A Week in Tea! Day 1: Monday, April 20

Hello Steepers! So I am starting a new series for the week where I will record all the tea and other beverages I drink for an entire week! I decided to do this to see how much water I am intaking and really how much tea I drink per day! I will also give little updates of what I did that Day because my intake will vary depending on if I am home at work or out somewhere.

I am home today, off work and finished University for the summer aside from 1 online course that starts in May so without further adu:

11:00 am

-Earl Grey Latte a.k.a. London Fog using loose leaf bulk earl grey tea from Bulk Barn (Canadian
bulk store) and vanilla unsweetened almond milk in the Magic Bullet to froth.
-Progressive VegeGreens and PhytoBerry supplement powder mixed with Naka Collagen and a
banana blended in water.
I am also starting Yoga With Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga so today Is Day 1 and you can start the challenge with me here:Β https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXU591OYOHA&list=PLui6Eyny-UzwxbWCWDbTzEwsZnnROBTILΒ and find other participants on instagram using #30daysofyoga
1:00 pm
-I had some hummus and naan with my mom when she came home from work for lunch and some orange juice
-I am trying some Canadian True ice wine tea my brother picked up in Quebec for me to try. Will do a tea of the day(TOTD) post on this tea tomorrow.
P.s. it smells amazing!
– water with lemon and lime refilled x4


-I had water with diner

-water at my first CardioFit class tonight with my parents. I just joined the neighbourhood gym with them so I will be attending these classe a few times per week. I had a glass of milk and more water after class.

So I guess that concludes Day 1 of A Week in Tea. See you tomorrow!

xo Kayla

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