Wake Up It’s Monday Morning: Earl Grey Ft. Steeped Tea Inc.

Good Morning Fellow Steepers!

Today I am enjoying my favourite classic tea….Earl Grey! Now despite all the recent 50 Shades of “Earl” Grey jokes (That movie was awful on so many levels but let’s not get into that) Earl Grey is a classic tea around for who knows how many years and is known for its classic bergamot oil infusion with the black tea leaves. Bergamot is a citrus fruit that defines the classic taste of Earl Grey tea, but there are many variations. In high school most people described this tea as smelling like Fruit Loops (my least favourite cereal) but it tastes more creamy to me. And of course we can not forget the classic London Fog! (earl grey tea latte)

Lady Earl Grey or Russian Earl Grey has an emphasis on the citrus notes often adding bits of lemon and orange rinds to the blend. I like this version as a brighter flavoured pick me up in the morning especially if I have slept in on a Saturday. I am going to specifically mention Russian Earl Grey as I won a 50g Bag from Steeped Tea Inc., one of the lovely Canadian Consultants, Laurel, hosts monthly contests on her facebook page (here) and I happened to be the February Winner for the 50 Shades of Earl Grey Contest. I was fortunate enough to win 100g of any earl grey tea but I asked if I could try 50g of Russian Earl Grey and 50g of Earl Grey De La Creme and she happily sent me both!

So A little bit about Steeped Tea Inc.. It is a Canadian company created by Tonia Jahshan and it operates as a home party, direct sales company, just like Tupperware, Epicure, Pampered Chef, Sentsy etc… It is a great way to be an entrepreneur, and run business the way you like, to fit our personal schedule. Because of the flexibility of working for a company as an independent consultant it is great for stay at home parents, people who want to earn extra income or students. for this reason I am planning to join in May, once my semester is over and I have some time to settle back home and into my old job. I like the Flexibility for me as a student because I will be able to schedule a crazy amount of tea parties in the summer while not in school (who doesn’t love Iced tea and cocktails on the deck/patio!) and I can focus more on the website/online sales aspect when I go back to school and run less parties, or schedule them around my class and study needs. ย To browse the catalogue, start your own business or find the closest consultant to you head over the their website:ย http://www.steepedtea.com/

Earl Grey De La Creme/ Cream of Earl Grey is a classic version of the original earl grey tea with ย hint of vanilla and blue cornflower petals it is a smooth creamier earl grey, this is actually my favourite. I particularly like Steeped Tea and DAVIDsTea’s versions.ย 

Russian Earl Grey

“Thai lemongrass and orange combined with Earl Grey”

Type: Black Tea
Flavour notes: Bergamot, orange, lemon, citrus, black tea
Fixings: cream and sugar or lemon slices
Youโ€™ll like this If you like: black, tea, citrus tea, orange pekoe, earl grey
Ingredients:ย ย black tea, orange pieces, lemongrass, cornflower petals, natural flavours

Earl Grey De La Creme

“The tea that started it all! This Earl Grey blend is celebrated for its creamy taste”

Type: black tea
Flavour notes: vanilla, creme, bergamot, earl grey
Fixings: cream and sugar, vanilla flavoured sweetener, cream/milk as desired.
Youโ€™ll like this If you like: vanilla, earl grey
Ingredients: black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavours

Let me know what youโ€™re drinking today! Leave a comment or follow me on instagram @teawithkayla and hashtag your photos with #teawithkayla

Put the kettle on,

xo Kayla


One thought on “Wake Up It’s Monday Morning: Earl Grey Ft. Steeped Tea Inc.

  1. My favorite tea? japanese green sencha and white bai mu dan. ‘Palais du the’ do a lovely black Hamam tea with citrus notes. In actual fact I am always happy to drink any tea ๐Ÿ™‚


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