Wake Up! It’s Monday Morning: Orange Pekoe

Good morning Steepers,

Let’s start off by rolling out of bed and throwing on the kettle. Now, what do you reach for? I know in my house my mom always had, and still does, go for a Tetley orange pekoe round teabag. This classic standby has been around since the 1600’s or so.  “Orange” is considered to be the grade of tea from china, pekoe is the white fuzz on the tea leaves, but the name could have come from either the copper colour of the oxidized leaves before they are dried, or from the Dutch company that imported this specific tea in the 1600’s. 


Type: Black Tea
Fixings: milk or sugar to taste 
Ingredients: black tea from India, Kenya, Sri Lanka or China
Best ways to enjoy orange pekoe:
-with milk or cream
-sweetener of choice(sugar, stevia, honey etc)
-iced in the summer with lemon slices and sweetener


I like just the regular orange pekoe bagged from here:

– Tetley: http://www.tetley.ca/en/our-teas/products?id=16&priority=1
Red Rose: http://www.redrosetea.ca/red_rose_tea/product_information.aspx

Loose leaf:

Davids Tea: http://www.davidstea.com/orange-pekoe
Organic Ceylon Orange Pekoe from Frontier herbs: http://www.amazon.ca/Frontier-Ceylon-ORGANIC-Certified-package/dp/B0012BSISM

Let me know what you’re drinking today! Leave a comment or follow me on instagram @teawihkayla and hashtag your photos with #teawithkayla

Put the kettle on,

xo Kayla


2 thoughts on “Wake Up! It’s Monday Morning: Orange Pekoe

    1. I agree tea bags are nice and easy for those rushed or sleepy mornings. I usually prep my travel mug the night before with my tea then I just boil the kettle. I prefer loose leaf so my travel mug has an infuser and it makes it pretty easy for the dorm.

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