TOTD: St. Patty’s Day

Are Ya Gettin’ ?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Now as a university Student I have and will fail to consume copious amounts of green beer today for two reasons, 1) I don’t like beer and 2) I have too much work to do to waste a day drunk and another hungover. So instead I am drinking Japanese  Green sencha tea in my green perfect mug, both from DavidsTea, and will go redeem my irish breakfast tea within the next hour, raid the 4/$10  bin and then go study the day away. As a Bonus the majority of my dorm floor in residence has gone to the next town over’s University for the annual St Patty’s street party so it should be somewhat peaceful around here, but let’s hope I don’t jinx it and the Luck of the Irish are on my side today.

Japanese Green Sencha Tea: 

“Japanese monks were writing about tea in the 9th century, but the world had to wait until 1740 for Sencha, when a tea merchant named Nagatani perfected a new process of steaming, rolling and heat-drying green tea. The result? An emerald-green tea that’s refreshing and smooth. No wonder it’s Japan’s most popular drink.”

Type: Green Tea
Flavour notes: grassy, nutty, fresh, light
Fixings: None, this tea stands alone deliciously
You’ll like this If you like: any light, fresh, grassy green tea
Ingredients:Fine organic steamed Japanese green tea from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Irish Breakfast:

“Ireland is one of the biggest tea drinking countries around. And trust us, they know their stuff. Traditionally, they go for strong black tea, often simmered on the stove all day long. And this rich, full bodied black tea is no exception. A blend of teas from Assam and Sri Lanka, it brews up nutty, fruity and bold, with hints of wild dark honey – and a robust taste that can stand up to a bit of milk and sugar. If there’s a better way to start the day, we don’t wanna know about it.”

Type: Black Tea
Flavour notes: malt, deep, black tea, ceylon, honey, earthy
Fixings: cream and sugar as desired
You’ll like this If you like: breakfast teas, malty, black, earthy tea
Ingredients: Black teas from Assam, India and Dimbulla, Ceylon

Vanilla Matcha:

“This all-natural blend of stone-ground matcha and pure coconut nectar is the easiest, most convenient way to make your favourite green tea drinks. It’s already sweetened, so all you need to do is decide what you want to make. You can blend it with milk and ice for an amazing smoothie, froth it with milk for a latte, or add a spoonful to your next milkshake for a real treat. Looks like you’ve got some seriously tasty experimenting to do.”

Type: Matcha Green Tea
Flavour notes: sweet, vanilla, matcha green, creamy
Fixings: steamed milk
You’ll like this If you like: vanilla, green tea and matcha
Ingredients: Coconut nectar, matcha green tea, natural vanilla flavouring
Let me know what you’re drinking today! Leave a comment or follow me on instagram @teawihkayla and hashtag your photos with #teawithkayla

Put the kettle on,

xo Kayla


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