Wake Up! Its Monday Morning: Maple Sugar

Happy Monday Morning Steepers!

I hope your having a good start to your week, and if not sit down for a minute, relax and make a cup of tea. Everyday might not go smoothly but a little cup of warmth and comfort can make it more bearable and help you feel refreshed to start anew. For this week’s wake up tea I am enjoying some Maple Sugar by Davids Tea. This tea was from the Fall 2014 collection and was limited edition but might come back next year or in a few if we’re lucky. I like this tea because it reminds me of my favourite season autumn. It’s sweet and warm, and I think of the maple trees that change colours in the fall when I drink this and the invigorating feeling of joy from my favorite season relaxes me and gets me ready for the week ahead. 

Around this time of year in Ontario and Quebec we tap the Maple trees just like this to drain the sweet sap in the sugarbush to make golden Maple Syrup!

Apparently March is Maple Month. Maple syrup is a big deal in my area because we have the right climate for maple trees to thrive and provide sweet sap that we turn into delicious maple products. 

Fresh Maple Syrup is best served over warm waffles/pancakes on a crisp nearly spring morning

“Ever hear that Quebeckers are obsessed with maple syrup? Well, it’s true. In our Montreal office, it’s not unusual to find people pouring it into their morning oatmeal, over fresh fruit and, of course, into their tea. It adds a hint of warmth and sweetness that’s totally unbeatable. So it was only a matter of time before we came out with this all-natural, maple-sweetened tea. With black tea, apple, cinnamon and real pieces of maple sugar, it’s a warming hug on a fall day – and a delicious taste of Quebec.”

You can get Maple syrup in a range of flavour depth and colour from light to dark amber

Type: Black Tea
Flavour notes: sweet, maple, black tea
Fixings: cream/milk and brown sugar for me, a teaspoon of maple syrup or actual maple sugar would be appropriate for bringing out the maple flavour even more!
Ingredients: Black Tea, Maple, Apple, Monkfruit

Other Maple Teas: Canadian Maple Delights: Maple Jasmine Green or Black Tea, Pretty Tea: Maple Walnut or Maple Snowfight, Distinctly Tea Maple TeasTbyDaniel Canadian Eh?, DavidsTea Oh Canada! (and Maple sugar If they bring it back for Fall 2015)

Maple sugar or syrup is a great alternative to regular sugar and adds a nice comforting touch to tea, or baking.

This website Outlines the Health benefits of Maple Syrup Here

I hope you have a good rest of your Monday, start the week of positively and cheers! Let me know what you’re drinking today. Leave a comment or follow me on instagram @teawihkayla and hashtag your photos with #teawithkayla

Put the kettle on,

xo Kayla


2 thoughts on “Wake Up! Its Monday Morning: Maple Sugar

  1. Hi! I love Maple Sugar from David’s Tea and am so disappointed they haven’t brought it back. Have you found a suitable replacement? ?


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