TOTD Valentine’s Tea: The Earl’s Valentine

Good afternoon Steepers,

Thanks for the wait! I wasn’t able to get any of the Earl’s Valentine in either store near me so I had to order it online. Well I didn’t have to but I really wanted to, both for this post and also because this tea has 2 things I love: Earl Grey tea and chocolate! As of the date this was posted there is 12 50g bags left in stock HERE but If you don’t get your hands on it in time my tea guide suggested mixing Love Tea #7 (get it here) with The Earl’s Garden (and here) for a very similar flavour.


So I actually didn’t love this tea as much as I had hoped. I love earl grey, but this tea tasted off to me. I think it was the combo of strawberries chocolate and the bergamot that threw me off. Maybe earl grey and chocolate were not meant to be or maybe it was the floral flavours that weren’t quite right. I’ll give this tea a few more goes and try it out in a latte or mixed with something but regular with some milk and sugar its not my cuppa tea.

Update: the more I sip on this tea the more I like it. It does kinda taste like Valentines Day. chocolate and roses. It’s not my favourite but I like it.


“Some people swear by chocolate and roses on Valentine’s Day. We say there’s nothing dreamier than tea. But with this oh-so romantic, limited edition blend, you don’t have to choose. It’s got chocolate pieces to sweeten them up. Rosebuds to show you care. Black tea to get them buzzing.And a mysterious hint of bergamot to keep them guessing. Who knows, your fairy tale ending might just be a cup away…”

Type: Flavoured Black tea

Flavour notes: Bergamot, “earl grey”, chocolate, floral, rose, hint of strawberry

Fixings: milk or cream, sweetener as desired. I prefer black tea with milk/cream and brown sugar. might be more preferable in a latte.

You’ll like this If you like: DT Love Tea #7, The Earl’s Garden

Ingredients: Roasted carob, black tea, chocolate pieces, rose buds, cornflower petals, natural and artificial bergamot, chocolate and cocoa flavouring


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