TOTD and Update: Feb 24, 2015

Good afternoon steepers and sippers

I’m curious to know what you all would like to see reviews of! Want me to order from a new company? Have a favourite tea type, company, flavour you want me to try? Have any suggestions for a post? Want me to test out tea ware? tea related recipes? tea beauty recipes? new uses for tea? Send it all my way!

As of yet I have plans to write about the different kinds of teas (white, rooibos, mate etc…) and go over some traditions and history. I also want to try out new collections (spring collection at Davids?) and I want to order a pretty tea mystery box. I also have plans to join Steeped Tea inc. this summer as a consultant but also have another job, (possibly two) and am taking a class this summer so all in all I will have to find a balanced schedule for everything. 

For the next couple weeks you can look forward to a few TOTD (Tea Of The Day) review style posts per week. I have a few major papers and Midterms coming up in the next few weeks so I probably won’t start a large series just yet. You can always follow my instagram @teawithkayla for daily updates, to find out what’s in my cup and new blog post updates. 

If you have something you want me to review or an idea for a post/series you want to see leave a comment on this post, or instagram.

If you are a business and want me to review your products I would be happy to do so with honesty and integrity. Leave me an email at 

Now back to the tea! Today I started with some left over The Skinny oolong tea that I put in the fridge to cool overnight. This tea is not my favourite but I can grow to like it if I try it a few more times, and vary how i make it. More importantly it has great benefits for health and metabolism boosting to help with my getting back on track after gaining the freshman 5 from living on campus in residence with a meal plan. I attribute my little weight gain to being less active since I took a gap year between High school and starting first year to work and I used to be on my feet all day and do a lot more walking. Residence makes it all too easy to be LAZY! some of my classes are only a 3 minute walk from my bedroom! Plus there is a dining hall and cafe in my building and I sit in long classes, then I sit and study, sit and netflix, etc. etc. So now I’m getting back on track with physical activities, Youtube Yoga videos and 30 day squat/plank/ab challenges are great because I can do a little strength training in 5 or 10 minutes! I am a little more conscious of my snacking… I just avoid buying munchies now, and eat more salads, and fresh foods. 

Type: wellness oolong with herbs, pu’erh
Flavour notes: ginger, earthy oolong and pu’erh tea
Fixings: clear, prefer iced
Ingredients: Organic: Chinese oolong tea, Chinese pu’erh tea, ginger, orange peel, eleuthero root. With natural flavouring

Next I made the last of my long life oolong from the 8 Days of Tea collection I got for Christmas. I like long life oolong because I has more of a fruity taste. I smells like apricots and almonds and tastes smooth and fresh. You can also re steep this tea 3 times without a significant flavour loss, just steep it for 2-3 minutes max in 85C of lower water. I am ordering more from DavidsTea soon. 

Type: flavoured oolong
Flavour notes: apicot, peach, marigold, almond, earthy oolong
Fixings: clear
Ingredients: Organic Shui Xian oolong tea, peach pieces, apricot pieces, almond slices, orange peel, safflower petals, natural and artificial flavouring


And lastly I am going to make some rooibos tea before I go to class tonight (3 hour lecture). I am feeling like eggnog from DT or white chocolate peppermint from Teavana. I haven’t decided yet. 

Type: flavoured rooibos
Flavour notes: rich white chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon (eggnog), peppermint (white chocolate peppermint)
Fixings: milk/cream and brown sugar

Let me know what you’re drinking today! Leave a comment or follow me on instagram @teawihkayla and hashtag your photos with #teawithkayla

Put the kettle on,

xo Kayla


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