TOTD Valentine’s Tea: Love Tea #7 (old vs. new blend)

Hello All!

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day. I for one am not a big fan of all the bells and whistles of the holiday, I prefer to just spend the day with loved ones, so I opted to bake pink sugar cookies with my boyfriend, watch Breaking Bad together and hang out with family.

Now to the tea, Love Tea #7 is David’s classic valentines tea thats been around for a few years now, however they just changed the recipe a little bit recently, the ingredients are the same but the ratio of things and the flavours (natural and artificial) have changed a little bit. The old blend had more of a rich chocolate taste with a hint of strawberry and rose, while the new blend has more floral and strawberry flavours and less chocolate richness. The new blend is more fresh and I quite enjoyed both but it wont be for everyone. 

Love Tea #7 blend comparison

New Blend on Left, Old Blend on Right. Photo C/O DavidsTea Fans! Facebook Group

“One sip of #7 and you’ll find yourself head over heels. Mysteriously changed. Magically happy. Walking on air. How does it work? Frankly, we don’t know. Our blender came up with it and then just ran off with the girl of his dreams. Maybe it’s the chocolate bits that lower your inhibitions. Or the seductive strawberries. Or the romantic rose petals. Either way, this black tea is seriously lucky.”

Type: Flavoured Black tea, dessert tea

Flavour notes:

~Old: Chocolate, carob, cocoa, black tea, hint of rose

~New: Chocolate, strawberry, black tea, slightly floral

Fixings: milk or cream, sweetener as desired. I prefer black tea with milk/cream and brown sugar.

You’ll like this If you like: DT Red Velvet cake, the Earls Valentine, Chocolate Orange Pu’erh

Ingredients (both blends): Chinese black tea, dark chocolate, strawberry, red rose petals, natural and artificial flavouring (may contain milk and soy)


What’s in your cup? Let me know in the comments! Stay tuned this week for reviews of the valentine’s collection at David’s tea! I bought all 4 stackable heart shaped tins and going to get some of the Earl’s Valentine if there’s any left to try and let you know how it is!

Valentine’s Tea Reviews in this series: TOTD Valentine’s Tea: Red Velvet Cake,TOTD Valentine’s Tea: Cherry Blossom, TOTD Valentine’s Tea: Read My LipsTOTD Valentine’s Tea: The Earl’s Valentine


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