TOTD Valentine’s Tea: Red Velvet Cake

Afternoon tea drinkers, steepers and dessert lovers!

Today I’m drinking Red Velvet Cake by DavidsTea. For starters this tea smells like heaven! It’s sweet, creamy and decadent scent drew me in before I even brewed a cup! This tea has an appealing look with the red and white sprinkles and dark and white chocolate chips mixed in the with fine black tea. I find the beetroot didn’t change the colour of the tea to be red like it was intended for but nonetheless this tea tastes great and would be a great alternative to dessert for those who aren’t on their cheat day or looking to reduce sugar intake. 


“What’s not to love about a red velvet cake? It’s chocolaty, it’s rich, and it’s bright red. We’re the first to admit it’s a pretty flashy dessert. If other cakes are birds of a feather, the red velvet is the peacock – which is exactly why we love it so much. And this sweet, lightly creamy black tea blend perfectly captures our favourite dessert. With semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, beetroot powder and little red sprinkles, it’s rich, delicious and a whole lot of fun.”

Type: Flavoured Black tea, dessert tea

Flavour notes: sweet, rich, creamy, vanilla, chocolate, black tea

Fixings: milk or cream, sweetener as desired. I prefer black tea with milk/cream and brown sugar. 

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Ingredients: Black tea, chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles, beetroot powder, natural and artificial flavouring (contains milk and soy)


What’s in your cup? Let me know in the comments! Stay tuned this week for reviews of the valentine’s collection at David’s tea! I bought all 4 stackable heart shaped tins and going to get some of the Earl’s valentine if there’s any left to try and let you know how it is!

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