TOTD Valentine’s Tea: Cherry Blossom

Good afternoon,

I’m sipping on Cherry Blossom by David’s Tea. Cherry blossom is the February tea of the month at DT and is a smooth floral and mildly fruity blend of white tea, cherry and rose petals. This would be good any time of the year, and probably quite tasty iced with a bit of sweetener.


“If you’ve been to Japan in the spring, then you know about the cherry blossoms. People gather under the blooming trees to eat, drink and celebrate for days on end. This cherry tea brings you right there. It’s a festival of white Bai Mudan, green Darjeeling, Chinese green teas, dried cherries, coconut and rose petals. And unlike a spring festival, you can enjoy this deliciously fruity tea all year long.”

Type: Flavoured White Tea

Flavour notes: smooth, fruity, cherry, floral, light

Fixings: none, sweetener to taste if desired, especially iced

You’ll like this If you like: DT Buddha’s Blend, Butterfly Jasmine, Mighty Aphrodite, or chamomile

Ingredients: White tea, green tea, cherries, coconut chips, rosebuds, natural and artificial cherry flavoring.


What’s in your cup? Let me know in the comments! Stay tuned this week for reviews of the valentine’s collection at David’s tea! I bought all 4 stackable heart shaped tins and going to get some of the Earl’s valentine if there’s any left to try and let you know how it is!

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