Hello world!

Hey, my name is Kayla and I intend on writing reviews about tea, tips and health benefits, maybe we’ll even get into recipes, and history and traditions of tea.

About me: I’m 19 years old from Canada. I’m a University student in my first year earning a Bachelor of Applied Science in Adult Development with a focus on Sexuality.

Some other things I love include fashion and healthy eating, organic foods and DIY so those things might creep their way into my blog too.

Tea: in general I drink loose leaf teas frequently from DavidsTea but also Teavana. I plan to join Steeped Tea Inc as an independent sales consultant once this semester is over, or even better get a job at DavidsTea. (I also work at a health food store.)

Put the kettle on because it’s tea time!

Instagram: teawithkayla
Should I make a twitter?
Google+: teawithkayla


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Kayla, I have noticed that you have started following me on Instagram! That’s great! I love sharing my tea passion!
    I see you love to live healthy! So do I! That is why I only drink tea from Steeped Tea. I avoid those “mall” tea places as many of them use artificial flavouring, some of them have been documented to having pesticides and preservatives. It is truly buyer beware! Steeped Tea only uses the best quality tea leaves, natural ingredients, no pesticides or preservatives, non GMO and our teas are organic with a special line of certified organic. We are affiliated with the Ethical Tea Partnership.
    If you should like to learn more about this great company, give me a shout! For the time being, I’ll continue posting my tea adventures on Instagram and look forward to seeing you follow me!
    Happy sipping, Lise


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